Current Trials Details

Dementia with Hallucinations and Delusions

The Neuroscience Research Institute study looking for people with dementia who suffer from psychosis (hallucinations and/or delusions). This means they see and or hear things that others don\'t,or they believe things to be true that others do not (for example,believing that people are watching them or stealing from them). Doctors would like to learn if an investigational medication may be an option for reducing these symptoms and for preventing a relapse of the symptoms from occuring.

Your loved one may qualify if he or she is :
  • 50-90 years old
  • Diagnosed with dementia
  • Experiancing halluciantions and /or delusions for at least two months

Qualified volunteers will receive :
  • No-cost study medication for psychosis in patients with dementia
  • No-cost study-related medical care
  • Reimbursement for time and travel

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